Life In The Front Seat: Using Music for Change

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Sayyid Love and Obadyah Brown were interviewed in Nashville for “Outcasts.” Photo: Nora Canfield

Sayyid and Obadyah are two members of the Hip Hop music sensation Life in The Front Seat. Their mission is to spread awareness through their music about the excessive criminalization of youth via the cradle to prison pipeline system. The pipeline system railroads young boys and girls from high school to prison with zero tolerance practices. These practices support the excessive private and public incarceration of American youth, especially minority youth. Many of these victims are from under educated, low income to middle class backgrounds.

Sayyid Love, 18, aka “Sayyid Amir,” attends Fisk University and is a business major and radio broadcast intern. Obadyah Brown, 17, aka “Obi Wang,” is a senior at The Nashville School of Arts High School where he receives training as a classical vocalist and visual artist.

Both young men are community activist and work closely with: Children’s Defense Fund, The Village Church Community Development CenterRocketown Youth Development Center, and various other community programs.

Life in The Front Seat is more than a music group, it’s a movement which removes boundaries of age, race, religion, and garners change in the lives and mental progression of the youth in the global community!

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