Living My Second Chance

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After her incarceration, Patricia Lefler started a new life, her own business, and a meaningful annual event  for women in need.

After her release from prison, Patricia Lefler started a new life, her own business, and a meaningful annual event for women in need.

My name is Patricia Lefler, and I am a small business owner, a nature enthusiast, a mother, a Christian, a college graduate, and last, because it is the least, I am a convicted felon.

I began working for myself in the fall of 2013, and named my business, ‘Junkyard Revival’ Landscape Management, after an Annual Women’s Outreach Event I started that same year in Kingsport, Tn.

With a past record, the 4-year college degree I once earned became useless in helping me to gain the employment I needed to live a self-sustaining, productive life. Starting my own business was the sensible solution.

For over 5 years, through hard work and a commitment to give back, I have been rebuilding my life in this community. Recently, I entered my business in the Fedex Small Business Grant Contest.

I am searching for those who believe in the idea of a business giving good paying work opportunities to those individuals with a criminal ‘past’. If you are in that group, I ask you to please go to the link below, and vote for Junkyard Revival Landscape Management.

Whether in my personal life, or in my business, the message of Junkyard Revival is similar. Our “junk” can be cleaned up. Society can only define us (convicted “felon”), and set limitations on what we can achieve, IF we allow them to.

I not only believe in second chances, I am continuing to live mine…and that’s what I want for other people. Thank you for your time, my friends.


  1. We at Crossroads United Methodist Church are beginning a jobs ministry for ex-offenders, or maybe a better phrase would be survivors of incarceration, and are also looking for employers who are open to hiring from this part of the community. We could really use your input.

    • Thanks, Debra. We’ll be in touch.

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