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“Outcasts: Surviving the Culture of Rejection” is a documentary film about the high cost of recidivism and its affect on families and communities in Tennessee. You can view the film on this site for free. For information about DVD copies of the film, e-mail

These video clips were taken from interviews that did not make the final cut of Outcasts: Surviving the Culture of Rejection, but need to be seen.

Profiting From US Immigration Policies
Rev. Janet Wolf and Alex Friedman describe the current US immigration policies that create profit for private prison companies.

Nick Shepherd: Prescription Drug Abuse
Kingsport News-Times reporter, Nick Shepherd, describes the extent of prescription drug abuse and how “pill mills” masquerade as pain clinics.

Life In The Front Seat
Sayyid Love and Obadyah Brown promote awareness of the cradle to prison pipeline through their Nashville hip hop group, “Life in the Front Seat.”
Check out our blog posting “Life in the Front Seat: Using music for change.”

Gideon’s Army
Rasheedat Fetuga founded Gideon’s Army as a grassroots organization working to dismantle the prison pipeline and encourage juvenile justice reform in Nashville, Tennessee, and eventually the entire state.

Risk Assessment: Lisa Tipton
Lisa Tipton, executive director, Families Free, believes that arrested individuals should undergo a risk assessment to determine whether they need help or prison.